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Job Vacancy


An Executive Secretary of the APE Management Board

Deadline: 15/04/2024

Executive Secretary of the APE Management Board

Job Summary:

Lycée Français International d’Accra (LFIA) is a renowned educational institution established 60 years ago in Ghana. The Lycée is peculiarly managed as a non-profit organization, led by a Board of elected parents.

While the school’s administration is made of French expatriate professionals from the French Ministry of Education who guarantee the compliance of the educational system with the French educational system, the Management Board has the responsibility to set the strategic vision for the school and to control its execution.

The Management Board is looking for an Executive Secretary who would be in charge of:

  • helping to define the vision of the School
  • managing the day-to-day execution of that vision
  • suggest areas of improvement of the School to the Board of Directors.


  1. “School Projects” Management:
  • Guarantee the short, medium and long-term execution of the vision of the school as agreed by the Board of Directors and Administration.
  • Follow up on the day-to-day implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors.

2. Communication:

    • Build positive relationships with parents, guardians and the local community
    • Communicate with stakeholders about school programs, activities and achievements
    • Organize community events and foster partnerships with external organizations

3.Relationship management:

    • Build partnership with similar institutions and allied organizations that would improve the School’s offering.
    • Promote and make the school more visible on the local scene

4.School attractivity:

    • Define key parameters to make the school more attractive, and work with administration to reach targets.
    • Study and develop metrics to measure the attractivity of the school
    • Propose and support actions to increase the number of students in the school

5.Financial support to the Treasurer:

    • Help the Treasurer oversee the budget and finance management

6.Crisis Management:

    • Collaborating with relevant authorities and communicating effectively during challenging situations

The role of the Executive Secretary of the APE Board will require strong leadership, communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills. It involves balancing the administrative and interpersonal aspects of running a school to create an environment conducive to learning and growth.

The APE Representative will be an employee of the LFIA, reporting directly to the President of the Board of Directors.

Qualification required

  • Master’s degree
  • Present for at least 5 years in Accra
  • Confirmed experience in the educational sector
  • Proficiency in French and English
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills, vision and strategic planning
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion

If you are interested in this position, kindly send your CV and letter of motivation in French and English to by Monday 15th April, 2024.

How to apply:

Applications must include diplomas, professional certificates, a CV, a letter of motivation and must be sent by email to:

At the Lycée (guard post): 6, Bathur street-East Legon after SURFLINE Head Office.