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History of LFIA

Created in 1963 by the Association des Parents d´Elèves to educate the children of French nationals at the French Embassy, the French school quickly opened up to children of French-speaking embassy staff.

When it was created, housed in the premises of the cultural service of the embassy, the French school, which was not yet called “Jacques Prévert,” moved in 1975 to premises rented from Roman Ridge. The French school has grown from around a hundred students to more than 270 students. She will remain there until June 2000.

At the start of the September 2000 school year, the school moved into the premises it currently owns in East Legon. It then took the name “Ecole Française Jacques Prévert”. Since then, the numbers have only increased. Nursery and primary classes currently reach 380 students. The secondary classes from the 6th to the final year have gradually moved to direct education and reach 240 students. And this evolution is not over.
In September 2018, the school had more than 600 students

At the start of the September 2014 school year, it took the name “Lycée Français Jacques Prévert d’Accra”

At the start of the September 2020 school year, it welcomes 650 students over 30 different nationalities.

Since January 2021, it has been renamed “Lycée Français International Jacques Prévert d’Accra”