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The BCD is a central place in the primary school. LFA students come to the BCD every week according to their schedule to discover the riches of children’s literature. The topics covered during the sessions are chosen in relation to the program taught during the period.

The BCD is a place for “pleasure reading”. During recess and the lunch break, students can come here every day to read books and borrow them. It is a place of calm and relaxation conducive to reading. Children particularly appreciate the atmosphere that reigns there and its concern to respect the rules that are specific to it. They learn little by little to become autonomous in the face of their choices and their reading pleasures.

The teacher-documentalist responsible for the BCD implements educational activities and projects around the world of books in order to inspire the desire to read, to learn about the world of writing and to enrich the literary culture of students. The BCD regularly proposes projects in collaboration with the teachers and the life of the school (exhibitions, shows, reception of external contributors, challenges and rally-reading, etc.).

The BCD has a book fund of almost 12,000 works in French and English (documentaries, novels, comics, collections of poetry, stories, albums). As part of the school ‘s bilingualism project, students alternate borrowing in French and English . . From CM1, students learn to use the library management software to increase their autonomy.

The BCD benefits from subscriptions to journals and magazines which arrive monthly and which allow children to be informed according to current events.

Each week, a collection, a theme, an illustrator, a figure, an author, an illustrator of children’s literature is presented to the pupils.

Students are responsible for borrowed books. They become aware that the library is a resource made available to them that they must preserve and that other students also share. Lost or damaged books are billed to parents.

The BCD has a reading corner that allows you to receive classes and let each reader enjoy a moment of relaxation. In addition, cushions allow students to isolate themselves in the library at a place they choose.

A work table allows individual or group work on literary projects.

Occasionally, the teacher-librarian uses computer equipment to work on writing in conjunction with audio-visual tools.

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