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Word from the Director




In primary school, our students have the chance to evolve in a stimulating and bilingual environment. Students of all levels of French are welcome in our establishment. Kindergarten and elementary classes offer differentiated instruction. Newcomer students are fully integrated into the classroom with French-speaking students to help accelerate language acquisition. The pedagogical orientation of the school respects official French instructions and largely promotes openness to the host country.

The primary school has 429 pupils from the Petite Section to CM2. We have 18 classes, 4 in kindergarten and 15 in elementary with 2 to 3 classes per level.

Nursery school, cycle 1, is the cycle of first learning. It is a French specificity which welcomes children from the age of 3 years. Our program combines bilingual education, child development and learning in an age-appropriate, multicultural and creative atmosphere. Early immersion in a bilingual environment is an effective way to help students achieve fluency and comfort with the language and culture. They spend 70% of their time in nursery school in French and 30% in English and are exposed to these two languages ​​throughout the day through the activities provided in the form of structured activities, games or projects.

Elementary school is the time of fundamental learning, cycle 2 then that of consolidation, cycle 3. The lessons are organized by field: mastery of the French language, learning of mathematical notions, training of the citizen are the priorities of the training provided to students. The teaching of modern languages ​​(30% in English), sports, science, artistic and cultural education, computer science and civic and moral education also have their place there.

CLIL (Teaching of a Subject Integrated with a Foreign Language) concerns sport, arts, sciences, geography and some areas of mathematics. We also pay particular attention to languages ​​as part of our extracurricular activities which complement schooling.