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The Aspiring Ambassadors finale was held on Friday March 11th at the LFIA, an initiative created by the AEFE in 2012 which goal is to promote oral expression, and the opened critical mindset of the students.

After submitting their videos on this year’s theme, Seas and oceans which challenges for the planet ? The candidates from 6th, 7th and 8th grades participated to small groups panels.

They had a short amount of time to organize their thoughts, soon followed by debates and improvised mini presentations based on key subjects of this year’s theme.

All the participants have impressed the jury by their research, their capacity to articulate their thoughts, interact between them and especially overcome the stress!

Well done to all the students and in particular to, ZINA ZEMMAMA of 6th grade (6ème A) and KODJO ANGE AGBENYEKE of 7th grade (5ème C), for qualifying for this finale and representing the LFIA for the next step. You can access their videos (in French) below. We wish them the best of luck!


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