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From February 7th to the 11th, the LFIA celebrates the poet and author Jacques Prévert through art and crafts projects and a show performed by the CM1 A-B-C, 6e, 5e C and 3B students plus an interactive museum dedicated to the writer with the support of their teachers.

Behind this ambitious project: Mrs Stéphanie Porte Fernandez, primary school teacher, reunited a team of fellow teachers and colleagues: Mrs. Julie Hellemann, Mrs. Alice Coles, Mrs. Peggy Piat, Mr. Remi Salomon, Mr. Rafaël Meneghin and Mrs. Aya Marie-Pierre Konan to bring to life this brilliant idea!

‘Jacques Prévert, who are you?’ Why this title?

The goal was to introduce Jacques to the LFIA students since the school is named after him!

Doing such a big project in such short notice and federate teachers plus students around a theme could be challenging. How did you manage to organize the different groups and maintain a cohesive narrative?

The project went smoothly mostly thanks to both the motivation of the teachers who worked on the project and the student’s.

Three words that best describe Jacques Prévert?

“I would have loved to meet him!”: a little bit over three words!

Which impact are you hoping to have on the students but also the whole LFIA community with this project?

It will be great to have the students and the LFIA’s community connect with and reflect on Jacques Prévert’s work through videos, quotes, books on display all this week, and a live performance of his poems which happened yesterday evening.


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