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LFIA 10th grade students were interning all April 4th week.

Thanks to this immersion into the professional field, the students have explored different business areas to get a concrete idea of the professional world, which represents an important step in their curriculum.

Therefore we were able to collect the impressions of Anne Lydie Abele interning at the MJ Grand Hotel and Mira Achard at the Animax Fyb studios.

It’s a first internship for Anne Lydie who chose the MJ Grand hotel because she’s interested in the hospitality sector. She wished to have a first experience in that field and see if she could consider a future in it.

She quickly realized the amount of work of this hybrid industry and the patience that is required, well, it did not discouraged her, on the contrary!

Her manager at the MJ Grand told us about her professionalism, dedication and the fact that she does not hesitate to ask questions if necessary. During her internship, Miss Abele has experimented several services: the rooms cleaning, clientele management (room bookings, check-in and check-out), or the restaurant where she has accomplished each of her missions with enthusiasm.

For Mira Achard, this is also a first internship.

She’s a self-taught student with a passion for drawing and illustration. The visit at LFIA of founder and creative director Mr Francis Y. Brown of Ghana based animation studio Animax Fyb Studios which specialized in 2D, 3D and special effects, convinced her to develop her skills. Inspired by Mr Brown journey and persistence, Mira applied without knowing if they were hiring interns. Her motivation paid off.

Miss Achard missions went from technical drawing learning (light, shapes) to the animation process and characters creation.

Mr. Gbedemah Ebenezer Mawuli a 2D design and character Animator and Mr. Charles Sam a teacher and post production lead, manage a solid team of designers where Mira was able to be easily integrated. She said to have been impressed by the collaborative spirit of the studio and how behind a few seconds length 3D animation, there are months of work. The studio also does productions for the international market including giant’s Amazon Prime.

We would like to thank both MJ Grand Hotel and Animax Fyb Studios for welcoming our students in their respective teams.

To know more about both companies, visit the links below:


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