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During the Jacques Prevert week from February 7th to the 11th at the LFIA, the students and school’s community discovered or rediscovered the work of the 20th century multidisciplinary artist. Mostly known for his poems, Jacques Prevert was also a screenwriter, a song writer and a talented illustrator. He marked his era by his large artwork and unconventional personality.

Inspired by interviews, portraits, books and movies posters in which the author collaborated, the students made collages and illustrations, imagined funny dialogues with the poet, played on stage some of his famous texts but also trained their critical mind by having conversations with their teachers around an artistic movement specific of an era, where freedom was predominant.

The teachers who participated to the project remember it as a rich and unique experience.

Among them :

Mrs Peggy Piat, English teacher “A great collective adventure rich of learning for the teachers but also the students. To renew asap!

Mrs Julie Helleman, Librarian “Jacques Prevert is not a poet, nor an author, nor a songwriter or illustrator… He’s all of that at the same time. He’s a true accomplished artist and he’s free!

Mrs Alice Coles, French teacher

This project brought us, teachers and students, much more than the work of this multi-talented figure : we had the opportunity to dive into the 20th century and learn about art in this era.

Mr Rémi Salomon, Primary school teacher

The collaborative projects between different classes cycles including several teachers remain a culminating point in a school year. During one week, Jacques Prevert has succeeded in suspending time… The poet’s time.

Introducing or re introducing this complete artist was our main goal. Thanks to the students involvement, new aspects of the poet’s life have been unveiled.

If a poetic vibe still floats in people’s mind whom have met Jacques Prevert this week, then we have succeeded.

Jacques Prevert in three words? Freedom, freedom, FREEDOM!

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