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Is a wonderful project led by Mrs. Grace Quansah, an English teacher at the LFIA’s international section. The CE2 SIB pupils have studied different traditions and culture through literary works such as traditional stories and fairy tales across the world. They explored:

The English (British) traditions through Fairy tales and castle life.

The Ghanaian traditions (Ashanti) through their reading of Anansi stories.

The Asian culture and traditions from stories from Indonesia.

The Middle East culture was taken from Arabian Nights story.

To conclude this great journey, Mrs. Quansah’s pupils showcased their traditional dress, shared the origins of their names and even described the food they chose to bring for a group tasting!

Mrs Quansah said: “The place of culture and traditions in schools is important because culture is the tool that helps us foster inclusions and create respect for and for one another.

Through the celebration of culture we learn and deepen our experiences in a relaxed, fun and interactive way.

We develop a mutual understanding, acknowledge and recognize our own values thus helping us to connect and work smoothly in an ever- growing multilingual classrooms such as ours.”


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