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On April 22nd, LFIA paid tribute to the Spanish language spoken in more than 20 countries : in Europe, Latin America and Africa. Students and teachers were invited to dress in an hispanic country colors of their choice or traditional attire to celebrate this special day. Posters and slogans illustrating the theme, including those made by the 12th grade students on Art and Power inspired by singer’s Rosalia, were displayed in the school.

A tasting of tapas from Mama Cuisine were offered to the students after a great live singing performance about Che Guevara “Hasta siempre” by the 11th grade students.

In the afternoon, two CE1 teachers came to tell the 8th grade students about their wonderful and adventurous trips accross Latin America, in Spanish of course!

The day ended on a festive and dancing note with a live salsa dance demonstartion of the 10th grade students, drawing the crowd on a muy caliente rhythm!


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