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From March 8th to March 11th the Primary and Secondary schools were celebrating mathematics. Throughout the week the teachers made their students studying math problems based on their levels and organized games to train their logic while having fun. For the Photo-Mathons project, pupils from CE1A have created a problem from a picture:

We went to visit the Molé park and we saw 24 elephants legs. How many elephants have we seen?

Some specialized books were also highlighted at the CDI and for the project 1 day 1 question, boxes containing the quiz questions were displayed, the Secondary students also participated to the project The Race numbers which consists in a mental calculation challenge.

On March 10th, students participated to the “Maths without borders” contest. Divided in small groups, they had one hour and a half to resolves exercises under the supervision of their teachers.

The LFIA students have once more proved their team spirit and taste for challenges.


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